ASTM A53 Pipe Supply – Seamless, Black Welded, Hot-Dipped Galvanized

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ASTM A53 pipe supplies are available directly from St. Louis Pipe and Supply, a leading business-to-business (B2B) supplier of pipes, flanges, fittings and valves. We offer seamless steel pipes and tubing, hot-dipped galvanized steel pipes and tubing, and black welded steel pipes in a variety of sizes for diverse markets. All of our pipes and tubing products conform to or exceed industry standards including ASTM, ASME, ANSI and/or API standard per your company’s specifications. Materials data and documentation are available on all of our steel pipes, tubing, and other products from St. Louis Pipe and Supply.
Domestic US and import services available.

B2B ASTM A53 Pipe Supplies (and A53B) for Heavy Industrial Use

Pipe and Tubing Specialization

All ASTM A53 pipe supplies conform to industry standards, and St. Louis Pipe and Supply specializes in oilfield tubing products, hydraulic, boiler and mechanical tubing and pipes (seamless and welded varieties). Our wide range of stock allows us to ship most order within one business day, and if items are out-of-stock, we guarantee same-day shipping or as quick as possible lead times on re-stocked inventory. Our flexibility and experience in the production of high quality, seamless, black and welded pipe supplies allows us to produce a wide range of tubing and pipes for heavy industry with high mechanical properties. Review product specifications.

Some of the specifications of our standard ASTM A53 pipe and tubing supplies also includes:

  • Wide range of steel pipe diameters (internal) ranging from 1/8” to 60”
  • Pipe and tubing wall thickness up to 3”
  • Standardized pipe and tubing for oilfield industries, replacements for boiler systems, furnaces, and mechanical systems
  • Seamless steel pipe, black welded pipe, and hot-dipped galvanized steel pipes
  • Alternate grades include:
    • Type E – electric-resistance welded for Grade A and Grade B
    • Type F – for furnace butt-welds and continuous weld for Grade A; non-flanged
    • Type S – seamless steel pipe for Grade A or Grade B
  • A53B low carbon steel and ferritic stainless steel conforming to standard linear polarization or polarization resistance (PR) technique pipes and tubing available
  • Other pipe finishing options for A53 and A53B include threaded (or threading), threaded and coupled (T & C), plain end and beveled ends
  • Cut-to-length pipe, industry-standard sizes or custom lengths
  • ERW and EFW services – electric resistance welded and electric ferritic welded pipe and tubing available
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Pipes and Tubing Available in Alloys and Exotics

St. Louis Pipe and Supply also supplies a variety of pipes and tubing in alloys and exotics. Contact us with you company’s specifications for other steel pipes, finishes, alloys, stainless steel pipes, carbon steel pipes, chromes, and exotic metals. Accessories, flanges, fittings, sheet metals and various shapes are also available per you company requirements.

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