ASTM c754 Pipes and Tubing Supplies – National and International Sales

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ASTM c754 pipes, tubing, accessories, and a wide range of industries including construction, natural gas and petroleum industry supplies and products are available for Midwest, USA or international sales and shipment direct from St. Louis Pipe & Supply. All of our products meet or exceed industry-standards indicated by ASTM, API, ASME, ANSI, and construction codes.

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Construction Industry/Building Pipes and Tubes

ASTM c754 pipes or tubing, commonly used in construction in various parts of buildings, is not recommended for structural capabilities. This pipe grade is ideal for a non-structural uses within buildings including water conveyance, gas transport, or other liquids. Frequently, ASTM c754 pipes or tubing (non-structural) are employed in use in ceilings, drop ceilings, in between cross braces inside walling or chase walls.

St. Louis Pipe & Supply stocks a wide range of standard length and standard diameter pipes and tubing use in construction; and, much sturdier pipes and tubes for heavy use applications such as in the petroleum and natural gas industries, of even in high-pressure or extreme temperature environments. Review other accessories and products from St. Louis Pipe & Supply.

Petroleum and Natural Gas Industry-Standard Pipes and Tubes

St. Louis Pipe & Supply also offers a wide range of pipes and tubes for exploration, drilling, production and transport of oil, crude, natural gas and water transports for difficult environments, deep wells and offshore projects. Learn more about our petroleum industry products (OCTG).

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Midwest Production, National and International Shipment

St. Louis Pipe & Supply supplies, fabricates and customizes a wide range of pipes and tubing. We offer pipes and tubes for construction through heavy pipes for petroleum industry uses, mechanical uses in industry and manufacturing, heating tubes/pipes for use with boiler systems in building heating, and for conveyance of gases and liquids within building or through major linepipe/transport systems.

We are the B2B supplier you can rely on to provide quick service, high quality products that meet and exceed national industry standards. St. Louis Pipe and Supply produces and ships items from St. Louis, Missouri, but we supply companies throughout the Midwest, the US, and internationally.