ASTM D2321 Thermoplastic Pipe or Tubing Supplier

Sewer Pipe, Tubing and OCTG Supplier in Saint Louis

Get the supplies of ASTM D2321 pipes and tubing that you need for construction, maintenance and repairs. Of course, check with local municipalities and states or ordinances and regulations before beginning any project requiring thermoplastic pipe/tubing or pipes design for gravity-flow applications.

St. Louis Pipe & Supply provides pipes, tubing, boiler piping and supplies for the petroleum and natural gas drilling and production industries (deep sour wells, offshore/high pressure environments and even for arctic drilling or other extreme temperature applications). All of our pipes, tubing and accessories meet or exceed all national standards set by industry-leading organizations including ASTM, API and others.

Standard ASTM D2321 Practice/Use Applications

All of our thermoplastic pipes for gravity-flow applications, sewers, lines, mains and other construction and maintenance requirements meet or exceed industry requirements. St. Louis Pipe & Supply has a wide range of pipes, tubing and accessories designed specifically for gravity-flow applications. Get the pipes, tubing and other products you need for your construction products. All products meeting ASTM D2321 practice and installation guidelines are ready to ship to meet your needs.

Some of the ASTM D2321 pipes/tubing and related product information includes:

  • Flexible tubing/pipes meeting ASTM D2321 standards
  • Standard diameter and length pipes
  • Custom fabrications available
  • Thermoplastic pipes/tubing with the correct amount of stiffness for use in gravity-flow applications in stable terrain (sewers, mains, etc.)
  • Product performance meeting or exceeding installation guidelines and criteria for service conditions, flexibility, stiffness, maximum service deflection and long-term strength or viability for conducting fluids an effluents
  • Additional pipe/tubing standards that may be applicable for your installation project include the following specifications and testing methodologies: Practice D 420, Test Method D 1556, Method D 2216, Specification D 2235, Test Method D 2412, Specification D 2564, Practice D 2657, Practice D 2855, Test Methods D 2922, Test Method D 3017, Practice F 402, Specification F 477, Specification F 545, or Specification F 913 (refer to ASTM guidelines or industry organizations for additional information); or Appendix X1 for “Standard Practice for Underground Installation of Thermoplastic Pipe for Sewers and Other Gravity-Flow Applications”

Accessory Supplies for Flexible Sewer Tubing and Other Pipe Products

St. Louis Pipe & Supply offers a wide range of accessory products for pipe and tubing, not just compliant with ASTM D2321. Some of our other parts and accessories include: