ASTM e2018 Pipes and Tubing for Construction

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ASTM e2018 grade pipes and tubing are essential for indoor pipe requirements in buildings of all sizes. Whether your company needs a supplier of lots or inventories of pipes, tubes and wide ranges of accessories, you can rely on all the standard and custom fabricated parts available direct from St. Louis Pipe & Supply.

This particular pipe grade is frequently one of the main pipe standards to receive assessment by building inspectors regarding building envelopes (foundation, roof, and walls) and mechanical systems (electrical, plumbing, boilers, ventilation, or general HVAC). These pipes are found commonly in ceilings, drop ceilings and inside walls as well. Review products from St. Louis Pipe & Supply.

Building inspections and code requirements frequently specify ASTM e2018 grade or similar size pipes meeting the equivalent ASTM standards. St. Louis Pipe & Supply provides a wide range of pipes and accessories (flanges, flange protectors, valves, fittings, specialty items) for mechanical systems, HVAC, hydraulics, gas or liquid conveyance (we supply many OCTG or natural gas and oil pipes and tubing for high-pressure or harsh environments).

Construction/Building Pipe and Tubing Accessories Supplier

As your ASTM e2018 pipe and accessories supplier, St. Louis Pipe & Supply provides direct sales to companies throughout the United States and to international customers. We offer a wide range of accessories, fittings, valves and other items for construction; we supply more durable variations of our product categories for onshore, and offshore petroleum and natural gas companies requiring high-pressure tubes, pipes and accessories.

Some of our other available accessories include: flanges (blind, lapjoint, orifice, reducing, slip on, socketwelds, threaded, and weldnecks); flange protectors; tee fittings (buttwelds, caps, couplers, cross tees, elbows, lateral tees, pressure fittings, reducing elbows, reducing tees, concentric and eccentric reducers, return bends, stub ends; and valves (flanged, socketwelds and threaded) in butterfly, check, gate, globe, needle, oilfield, plug and relief valves varieties. St. Louis Pipe & Supply also stocks and custom fabricates a variety of miscellaneous accessories, such as bolts, bolt flange protectors, gaskets, nuts, swage nipples, plating, sheets, bars, beams, and custom fabricated products and other specialty items. Review other accessories and products from St. Louis Pipe & Supply.

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