3 Reasons to Buy I-Beam Steel

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1. Project TypeSteel I-Beam

When working on a large-scale or small business structural development, you most likely are on a search to buy I-beam steel for the best deal you can find. Why is this the perfect choice for structural projects? For one, the shape of the beam gives it the strength needed to work to your advantage. Let’s take a look at how it’s made.

I-beams have an I or H cross-section with both the web (the vertical structure) and the flanges (the horizontal structures). While the web is resisting any outer forces, the flanges are preventing any bending, breaking or collapsing. Here are the 2 different types of I-beams:

Rolled I-Beam: formed by cold rolling, hot rolling or extrusion.

Plate Girder: formed by bolting plates, riveting or welding.

Keep in mind; I-beams can be purchased both columns and beams. Also, they can be formed and shaped into any size needed and work in conjunction with other materials – most commonly concrete.

Other projects I-beam steel is used in include aircrafts, home interiors (sinks, food processing, springs), railings, framing and more.

2. Steel Characteristics

For the best results, you’ll most likely be looking to buy I-beam steel for your project, although it can be found formed from aluminum or other materials. Why steel? It’s simple. Steel can easily formed or welded into the perfect size and shape necessary. Also, steel is typically used for its strength and durability – why not purchase a metal that you know will last!

It’s also one of the most resistant metals to corrosion. It can resist both atmospheric corrosive elements and moisture and acidic environments. If you are unsure if steel will be able to survive in your environment, be sure to ask your international or domestic pipe supplier for more information.

3. Domestic Pipe Suppliers

The final reason to consider this type of steel product is that it shouldn’t be too hard to find domestically. Why would domestic pipe suppliers be a benefit? Let’s take a look into a few advantages of purchasing domestic products:

Price: Typically ordering products for your large-scale project domestically should cost less than internationally. If you’ve ordered products internationally in the past, you may remember it being slightly more inexpensive or the same number, however when you take into considerations shipping costs and the greater possibility of damage, finding the nearest supplier may be your best bet.

Time: Like most, you may have a project that is time sensitive – meaning it needs to get done relatively quickly. By ordering your materials domestically, including your I-beam steel products, you should be able to get started much quicker than if you’d ordered overseas.

St  Louis Pipe & Supply has a history of over 20 years of customer satisfaction and has become one of the largest international and domestic pipe supplier. Let us help you buy I-beam steel that is perfect for your next big project.

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