601 Nickel Pipe, 625 Nickel Tubing & other Nickel Alloy Products

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Nickel TubingPipes are made of many different materials, including concrete, plastic, fiberglass, ceramics and a wide array of metals. Each material has its advantages — its properties that make it useful in certain situations. For example, aluminum is used in refrigerant systems for heat transfer. Plastic tubing is useful for its chemical resistance, non-corrosive properties and light weight. Ceramic and concrete work well for low-pressure conditions such as drainage or gravity flow. However when pipes must survive intense conditions, many rely on Nickel alloys.

Nickel alloys are used to create a wide range of piping and tubing products, including 601 Nickel pipes and 625 Nickel tubing. They are resistant to oxidation and corrosion, which makes them ideal for conditions when extreme pressure and heat would compromise pipes made of less rugged materials, including aluminum and steel piping. More heat resistant than even titanium, nickel alloys can be found in a variety of applications that demand extreme performance, including:

  • Gas Turbine Blades, seals and combustors
  • Electric submersible well pump motor shafts
  • high temperature fasteners
  • heat exchanger tubing
  • steam generators in nuclear pressurized water reactors
  • sound suppressors
  • the exhaust systems of Nascar and Formula One cars
  • waste incinerator boilers
  • rocket planes
  • cryogenic storage tanks
  • nuclear power systems
  • steam turbine power plants
  • airplane gas turbines

Nickel Alloys pipe products like 601 Nickel pipes and 625 Nickel tubing are made with a complex process and state-of-the-art technology. The manufacturing process must begin with the purest materials. Contaminated materials would lead to an incorrect chemical composition. With an incorrect chemical composition, it would be impossible to create alloys with the required properties.

The manufacturing process is intricate and has many steps, including:

  • melting
  • hot rolling
  • acid pickling
  • annealing
  • wire drawing
  • cold rolling/slitting
  • annealings

At each step of the way, a wide range of statistical tests is conducted to maintain strict quality control. This is necessary to ensure that the materials can withstand the extreme environments in which they’ll be placed.

601 Nickel pipes, 625 Nickel tubing and other Nickel alloy pipe products are a part of our pipe inventory. If you need pipe products that can withstand extreme conditions, or if you have questions about our high performance pipe products, please get in touch. As a leader in international pipe supplies, we can customize your order to fit your needs and ship it anywhere in the world.

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