A Guide to Finding the Right Valve and Fittings Supply

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When searching for an industrial valve and fitting supplier, you need to keep in mind the type of project needs that will need to be met. You’ll need to know the specific type of metal used in the making of the valves as well as size and shape. Once you’ve made those vital decisions, you can then compare price and decide on an international or domestic supplier.

Carbon, Chrome & Cast Iron: What’s the Difference?

Industrial valve and fitting made of carbon steel is pretty commonly seen in pipe projects. Companies have chosen to use galvanized or carbon steel for years due to its strength and durability. Steel is used in the household, but also has many industrial purposes including commercial construction and shipbuilding. Carbon steel is used for fittings that will be in contact with water and flammable gases. In fact, carbon steel is the most durable type of steel depending on the amount of carbon used.

To increase the strength, durability and rust resistance, chrome plating can be added to the steel. Typically chrome plating can be used for decorative reasons, or to decrease corrosion.  The harder chrome plating tends to be thicker than the type that is used for decoration, and it increases the surface strength.

Copper pipe fittings and valves tend to be used mostly with copper pipes. They are typically utilized for residential projects for the transportation of hot or cold water supply. Soft copper is a type of copper than can be bent easily, allowing for turning of corners and moving around other objects. Rigid copper, on the other hand, cannot bend.

When looking for a valve and fittings supply for sewer system pipe projects, cast iron may be the best option. Because the sewer drain can carry materials from garbage disposals, drains or dishwashers, it’s best to find a material that is resistant to this abrasion. Cast iron fittings are the best than any other material when it comes to storm drain and waste piping. They are great to use in extreme temperature and conveniently come in many different shapes and sizes for all types of construction.

Size, Shape & Supplier: Other Considerations

Each fitting and valve is offered in a different shape and size depending on the specific need. For example, an angled supply valve will change the flow of water from the vertical direction to a horizontal direction or horizontal to vertical. Although, there are some types of angled supply valves can allow for the liquid to flow in the same direction.  Be sure to find the exact types of fitting and valve supply that will work for your project.

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