Customer Service: From Competitive Steel Pipe Pricing To Reliable Carbon Pipe Distributors

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St. Louis Pipe and Supply has built a reputation for supplying customers around the world with the finest piping, structural and OCTG materials. Not only do our products meet or exceed ASTM, ASME, ANSI and/or API standards, but we ensure their quality is unmatched. This dedication to our craft and to providing customers with only the best has led to 25 years of success, and, with a little luck, we plan on doing the same for the next 25 years.

However, we know that quality products are not enough. It’s competitive out there. Even solid companies with top notch products routinely go the way of the dodo. To succeed, and to maintain that success, you have to offer your customers something more.

That’s where our customer service comes in. With that order of top quality pipes, tubing materials, OCTG goods, comes a reassuring, friendly voice you can count on. We don’t just offer you great steel pipe pricing, we offer you a business relationship that feels like a friendship. We pride ourselves on being more than carbon pipe distributors, we pride ourselves on being a partner you can count on–always.

In addition to those intangibles like friendliness, reliability and conscientiousness, we offer a number of more concrete benefits to ensure that our customers are getting the best service available. If you work with us, you’ll find they’re not sold separately. They come with every order.

Fast shipping

When you order from St. Louis Pipe & Supply, you can count on getting your materials quickly. We guarantee same day shipping or the shortest lead time available, even if your product is not in stock when you order it. The bottom line is you’ll get your materials fast, letting you complete your project on time.

Worldwide Shipping

Wherever you are– Asia, South America, Europe, North America, Africa–we can efficiently ship you your order. Furthermore,  our sister company’s office and warehouse in Houston, Texas enables us to ship your order all at once–meaning quicker turnaround times, less hassle and a better overall customer experience.

Those are a few of the things we do to make sure we offer excellent customer service. We’ve found them as important to our success as our great steel pipe pricing or as our reliable work as a carbon pipe distributor. What things do you do to make your customers feel good? Let us know in a comment below.

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