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Carbon Steel PipesWith so many types of metal to choose from, it can be hard to decide which would work best for your specific project. One type may be better than another based on specific needs. One of the most popular metals used in the pipe industry today due to its durability and strength is carbon steel. Pipe fittings made with carbon are not only strong, but depending on the amount of carbon used, can increase or decrease in strength to further customize for your project. Let’s take a look at a few of the specifics.

Types of Carbon Steel

The different variations of carbon steel pipe fittings and pipes are measured by their percentage of carbon content that has been mixed with iron. Here is a quick list of the categories:

  • Mild carbon steel: 0.05-0.15
  • Low carbon steel: 0.16-0.29
  • Medium carbon steel: 0.30-0.59
  • High carbon steel: 0.60-0.99
  • Ultra-high carbon steel: 1.00-2.00

Every project will require a different type of carbon steel percentage. If you are unsure of which to choose, St Louis Pipe Supply is a carbon pipe supplier ready with more information for your specific project.

Why Choose Carbon Steel?

1. Variety

As you can see when looking at the above chart, carbon steel has the ability to transform into the perfect metal for your specific project needs. So how do you know which type to use? Mild carbon steel is the most popular option because of its cost efficiency. It is typically used for large-scale projects.

On the other hand, medium carbon steel is used more in the automobile industry because of its erosion resistance. To improve the design and physical appearence, chrome can be added to the carbon steel pipe fittings. This also is a more typical procedure in the automobile industry.

2. Strength

The strength and durability of carbon steel is what has really made this product one of the most commonly used metals in pipe projects. Carbon steel can undergo a process called heat treatment. This involves the controlled heating or cooling of metal to alter the strength without changing the shape. Typically, this is used to increase the strength of the industrial pipe supplies, but it can also improve ductility and formability.

Adding chromium can also increase the durability of carbon steel, as well as help with rust resistance. As previously mentioned, chrome plating is typically used for design in the automobile industry, but can also be used for residential projects.

St  Louis Pipe & Supply has a history of over 20 years of customer satisfaction and has become one of the largest domestic and international carbon pipe suppliers. Let us help you find the right carbon steel pipe fittings and pipes for your project.

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