Galvanized Steel Pipe: Your Best Defense Against Rust

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Galvanized Steel Pipe SuppliersCorroding pipes, pipe fitters and valves can create extra, unnecessary costs for new supplies and reconstruction. Instead of having to replace pipes and fittings often, try to increase the longevity of your products by using galvanized steel pipe in your next project.

Galvanizing pipe supplies can be done by a process called hot-dipping. This is a process where pipe made of steel, aluminum or iron is layered with a hot coat of zinc for extra protection from rust and corrosion. Before contacting galvanized pipe suppliers and beginning your project right away, read over a few of these brief facts to provide yourself with the knowledge about pricing and specific benefits of galvanized steel pipe.

Pricing for Most Galvanized Pipe Distributors

Pricing for galvanization varies depending on size and scope of the work. However, when compared to a just a typical paint project, galvanization does not need to be replaced as often. With a thick coating of zinc, the galvanization could last for many years. The longevity of galvanization also depends on the surrounding environment. In an area with less corrosive material such as pollution or bad weather, galvanized steel pipe could last over 100 years. However, in damaging areas, the typical life-span is anywhere from 50 to 100.

Defense Against Corrosion

One of the biggest benefits to galvanizing steel pipe is that the extra layer of zinc added to the steel during the hot-dipping process protects the pipes from rusting. The speed at which pipes and pipe fittings corrode can happen at a much slower rate. Most material such as aluminum can rust away pretty quickly, but with an extra layer of zinc, the rust has to pass through two layers. The top coat will have to corrode before the actual pipe begins to rust. If one of your project goals is to have long-lasting pipe supplies, speak with galvanized pipe distributors about the size of your development needs.

Finding Galvanized Pipe Suppliers

Galvanization isn’t just for pipes. Products ranging from fittings and valves to I-Beams and H-Beams to tubing, bolts and nuts can all undergo galvanization and extend the longevity of the supplies. Whether for commercial projects or typical residential piping needs, shipbuilding assignments, electrical plants and more, suppliers around the nation can help get you started.

When choosing a galvanized pipe supplier that is best for you, consider a domestic distributor. This can be more a more cost-efficient business decision in the long run.

St. Louis Pipe and Supply is one of the largest domestic and international distributors of pipe supplies, including galvanized steel pipe, fittings, valves and more. You can also rest easy knowing our materials will meet or exceed ASTM, ASME, ANSI and/or API standards.

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