Here’s Why You Should Use Nickel Alloy Pipe

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Nickel alloy pipe is such a good piping choice because it’s resistant to corrosion, and it’s resistant to corrosion because, at room temperature, it has a low rate of oxidation.

Oxidation: A Flashback to High School Chemistry

Oxidation is one of the two redox reactions. Redox reactions occur when electrons are transferred between molecules, atoms or ions. In basic terms, they can be explained like this:

  • Oxidation occurs when an atom, molecule or ion loses an electron
  • Reductions occur when an atom, molecule or ion gains an electron

Corrosion happens when metals undergo oxidation reactions when they encounter oxygen. Because nickel has a slow rate of oxidation, nickel alloy pipes are resistant to corrosion, allowing them to maintain their integrity longer than pipes made from many other materials.

Choosing Your Type Of Nickel Alloy Pipe

Now that you know why nickel alloy pipes are resistant to corrosion, it’s time to get familiar with all the different options that alloy pipe distributors can offer you. Here’s a brief description of some of the most common nickel alloy products.

Nickel 625 Tubing

This option is made up of 20 to 30 percent chromium, which is a higher amount than the other nickel alloys. You often find nickel 625 in engine exhaust systems, and it’s also commonly used in the manufacturing of airplanes and ships.

Nickel 600 Pipe

One advantage of Nickel 600 is that many different methods can be used to join it–including brazing and welding.  It’s also very workable, it stays strong in very cold conditions, and it resists cracking in high temperatures.

601 Nickel Pipe

Nickel alloy 601 has a high creep rupture strength, a high mechanical strength and the ability to be welded easily. It’s often used when heat-resistant pipes are needed.

Nickel 400 Tubing

Nickel 400 tubing is comprised of approximately 23% copper, and this makes it great for use in oil towers, crude petroleum stills, de-aerating heaters, marine projects, heat exchangers, freshwater tanks and gas tanks. It’s also very resistant to alkaline salt and salt water, and it can survive hydrochloric and sulfuric acids, though there are probably better choices if you’re in need of acid resistant materials.

If you think you need nickel alloy pipe for your next project, please contact us for a quote. As a leading alloy pipe distributor, we can quickly ship your order anywhere in the world.

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