How to Choose Carbon Steel & Chrome Pipe Suppliers

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What is Carbon Steel?

Because of its strength and durability, steel pipe and pipe fittings have been used for years in commercial construction, shipbuilding and electric-power petroleum. By the process of heat treatment, or the addition of carbon, the steel can become even stronger. However, heat treatment can reduce strength by the process of softening, increase strength with hardening or modify the material to receive optimal benefits.

What is Chrome Plating?

Chrome plating, or chrome, uses the process of electroplating chromium onto a metal, or in our case steel, object. Chrome plating is used for various reasons. Decorative chrome is made to be visually pleasing as well as durable. Typically, the chrome is plated over bright metals such as steel. Industrial chrome creates wear and corrosion resistance. This type is even harder and thicker than decorative plating. The addition of chrome plating to steel pipes also ease the cleaning process.

Carbon Steel & Chrome Pipe Distributors

When searching for pipe supplies to meet your needs, there are a few factors to first take into consideration:

  • Goals & Objectives
  • Product Specification
  • Domestic or International Supply

Goals & Objectives

When trying to find carbon steel or chrome pipe distributors for your project, it is important to have a detailed set of goals and objectives. Be completely prepared and do your research on cost as well as quality. If you need durable pipe fitters that can last and are less likely to rust, consider chrome plating.

Carbon steel is also what is most often found in the household. Although, chrome piping can be used not only for rust prevention– it keeps the steel looking clean and polished too. Because chrome plating requires the use of highly toxic chemicals, contact chrome pipe suppliers when doing home projects to find prices and information.

Product Specification

Not only should you have a specific size and shape in mind for your carbon or chrome plating project, but it’s also important to find steel with just the right amount. Mild carbon is the standard usage. At a low price, it’s great for large-scale projects. However, if the carbon content reaches 1.0%, it should only be used for very specific, non-industrial purposes.

On the other hand, chrome may be saving money in the long run. Used on new machine parts, it can prevent wear. Also, chrome plating can be applied to expensive and already used machine parts such as cylinders, and rolls for longevity.

Domestic or International

When deciding on what type of carbon steel or chrome pipe supplier to choose, you’ll want to consider whether to import domestically or internationally. Benefits of choosing a domestic distributor include:

  • lowering of overall cost
  • easy communication
  • faster turnaround time
  • lessens damage

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