St. Louis Pipe and Supply is a Proud Sponsor of Oliva Racing

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Smiley's Racing and STL Pipe & SupplyIf you are familiar with the National Championship Racing Association (NCRA) and its drivers and supporters, you may also be familiar with the Oliva Racing Team. For the last 12 years, Oliva Racing has placed in the top 10. Driver Alan Oliva has finished 8 times in the top 5 and has had two first-place finishes.

Racing since the age of 15, Oliva has accumulated years of experience as a driver. He is now one of the most known drivers in the states of Oklahoma, Texas, Arkansas, Kansas and Iowa, taking the South by storm and working his way up through the Midwestern region.

Racing isn’t just about talent, ability and fast driving, but it takes expertise, knowledge and strategy. Oliva is the owner of two racing cars. One car is powered by racing fuel and the other methanol. Often times it’s the track that determines which car he drives as one does well on a dry course and the other works well on a wet track.

His knowledge about cars doesn’t end there. Alan Oliva owns a company called Alan Automotive out of Moore, OK, and offers services such as exhaust repairs.

There is no doubt that Oliva is a talented racer with a drive and passion for the sport, but that’s not the only reason we chose to sponsor him. St. Louis Pipe and Supply has close family ties with the Oliva family and we’ve been showing him our support for years. Our very own staff helps work in the pit crew and helps find replacement parts and fuel to carry him through his races for the win – and he’s a fun driver to watch!

Please check out Smiley’s Racing for more information on products and the top stories in racing news. If you’re interested in getting involved with a sponsorship or helping us sponsor the Oliva Racing Team, contact Tim Walshauser, VP:

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