OCTG Pipe Pricing & Overview

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OCTGIn the petroleum industry, piping products are typically referred to as Oil Country Tubular Goods. OCTG pipe suppliers usually offer products like casings, tubings and drill pipe, but the term also includes line pipes and others used in the transportation of oil and gas.

Here are just a few of the applications of casings and tubings:

Vertical/Horizontal Drilling: Oil and gas operations that call for vertical or drilling will benefit from OCTG casings and tubings. Vertical drilling in wells involves drilling straight down, whereas horizontal drilling involves a predetermined downward depth, followed by drilling horizontally to the gas and oil.

Shale: Like it sounds, this involves drilling to reach shale formations for natural gas and liquids.

Reinforcement: Much of the casings provided by OCTG pipe suppliers are used for structural projects. Casings are typically used to reinforce the structure of the hole during the drilling process. Let’s explore a few other characteristics and uses for casings.


Casing pipe is great for increasing strength and structure. These are available as drill pipes, but can also be welded and/or seamless in many different ways. Casing pipe is categorized by size, linear mass, thickness, diameter and finish.


Unlike casing pipe, drill pipes are the heavy, seamless tubes that are responsible for the rotating of the drill bit. These are the most typically offered by pipe suppliers in the oil field supply and can usually be found for decent OCTG pipe pricing. These tend to be paired with 30ft pipes.


Instead of during the process, this tends to happen during the completion operations. These are fairly similar to drill pipes, except they have an additional external thread. Similarly, they are 30ft in length.

Let’s take a look into some of the most popular products offered for your next piping project.

API C995: This product does not include a hardness requirement nor is it used in sour wells.

API C90: Unlike API C995, this is typically used in sour condensate. It also has controlled yield strength grade with required extensive hardness testing.

API T95: Similar to the previously mentioned API C995, this is used in sour condensate wells, and requires extensive hardness testing.

API J55: Primarily for tubing application, these general purpose pipes have a lower minimum strength conforming to API specification 5CT.

Other products we offer include general casings, tubings and drill pipes that all meet or exceed ASTM, ASME, ANSI and/or API standards – used for both deep welling and oil field supply.

St. Louis Pipe & Supply offers you competitive OCTG pipe pricing and global shipping for your Oil Casing Tubular Goods (OCTG) requirements. We have been leading the industry for over 20 years, so contact us today to get a quote.

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