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OCTG Here at St. Louis Pipe & Supply, we’re proud to be one of the leaders in worldwide OCTG sales.

Part of this success is due to our dedication to customer service. Another part is due to our attractive OCTG pipe pricing.

But perhaps the most important ingredient is the high quality of our products. Here’s a quick rundown of a few that we specialize in.

Often lined with cement, casing is a large diameter pipe that’s inserted into the drill hole.
It prevents the hole from collapsing, helps the drilling mud circulate, and also serves other purposes during the drilling process:

  • Prevents blowouts by sealing off high pressure zones from the surface,
  • Stops upper formations from collapsing or forming caverns,
  • Smoothes bore makes it easier to install production equipment,
  • Provides a solid foundation, allowing high-density drilling fluid to be used to drill deeper,
  • Prevents freshwater well zones from being contaminated,
  • Separates different zones that may have different fluids or pressures, and
  • Protects production zones from being contaminated.

There are two different types of tubing: production tubing and coiled tubing.

Production tubing is the tube through which oil and gas travel to get to the surface.
Usually between five and ten centimeters in diameter, it is run inside the casing, which protects it from corrosion, wear and tear.

Coiled tubing is metal piping between 1 to 3.25 inches in diameter that’s used for well interventions. Interventions are a complex subject, but essentially they’re procedures that help manage a well’s operation. They can change the status of a well, alter its shape or geometry, or help measure how the well is performing.

Drill Pipe
Drill pipe is hollow, steel, thick-walled pipe used in the process of drilling the wellbore. It’s available in an array of sizes, weights and strengths, but most often it’s around 30 feet long.

One reason why drill pipe is important is drilling fluid. During the drilling process, drilling fluid is pumped deep down into the earth through the hollow center of the drill pipe. Drilling fluid is essential because it prevents fluids trapped in the earth from entering the wellbore and because it keeps the drill bit clean and cool.

Those are brief descriptions of some OCTG products that we offer. If you have any questions about our OCTG sales or OCTG pipe pricing, please contact us. We’d love to hear from you.

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