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Oil country tubular goodsOil Country Tubular Goods (OCTG) are piping products used in the petroleum industry. They can be divided into three separate classifications: tubing, casing pipe and drill pipe. Let’s take a minute to consider each of these OCTG product categories.


Tubing is the OCTG pipe through which the oil and gas flow to the surface during drilling operations. Tubing often comes in sizes from 4 ½” to 1 ½” in diameter. It’s  frequently removed from a well during workover or completion operations. Tubing joints are typically 30ft long and have an attached external thread.

Casing Pipe

Petroleum drillers use casing to strengthen the structure of the drill hole. Once it’s placed in the well and cemented in place, it keeps the well from collapsing inward during the drill process. It literally ‘cases’ the hole–hence its name. Casing is available in a variety of different grades and with a range of different characteristics, often being categorized by its size, linear mass, thickness, diameter or finish. It typically has a diameter from 30’’ to 3 ½”, and is available in seamless and welded. 

Drill Pipe

Drill pipes are hollow, thick-walled, seamless OCTG pipes that rotate the drill bit and ensure that the drilling fluid is circulating. They come in a variety of lengths and weights, but they’re typically 30-33ft long.

St. Louis Pipe and Supply has become a top OCTG pipe supplier, and we offer a variety of OCTG products. We know that professionals in the gas and oil drilling industries need very specific and reliable materials, so we’ve taken steps to ensure that all of our products meet the most exacting requirements. We demand the highest level of performance from our vendors. All of our manufacturers are certified by the American Petroleum Institute, a certification that is only given to those who meet extensive compliance criteria. Furthermore, we maintain our test results, inspection results and product traceability in a computerized data base so that they can be easily accessed.

Are you a petroleum industry professional who needs OCTG products for your next project? Start your search by checking out our OCTG product page. There, you’ll learn more about all that we offer and if our products are right for you. Then contact us for a quote. We make customer service a priority, so we’ll respond to you within 24 hours. Plus, we’ll be able to quickly ship your order to anywhere in the world.

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