5 Advantages of Carbon Steel Pipe

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Each piping material has its advantages, advantages that make it particularly useful in certain types of projects. The key to picking the right material is knowing what your project requires, then choosing the material that can live up to those requirements.

In that vein, here are five advantages that carbon steel pipe suppliers often cite about carbon steel pipe, as well as applications when those advantages come in handy.

1. Safe to work with

Many building materials need to be treated with glues, pesticides or preservatives, but carbon steel pipe does not. Carbon steel is also inflammable and invulnerable to pests and rotting.

Application: Homes. No one wants to live in a house with pipes that have been treated with chemicals or that can be eaten by critters. Nor do you want pipes that make your house more susceptible to fire. 

2. Resistance to corrosion

Carbon steel has been shown to be resistant to corrosion and other chemical deterioration.

Application: Highly corrosive, often acidic environments. Carbon steel pipe, with its superior anti-corrosive properties, can be a good choice in industrial environments that experience high temperatures or very low pH.

3.  Resistance To Shock

Carbon steel performs better than most other materials in environments that experience a lot of shock and vibration.

Application: Roadways and other transportation environments. Heavy traffic can put a lot of stress on roadway foundations, and while other materials may succumb to the pressure, carbon steel pipe can withstand it. Its resistance to shock and vibration makes it a great choice for water mains under roadways and other transportation applications that face a lot of rolling and bouncing tires.

4. Good for the environment

70 percent of all steel in North America is recycled each year, and approximately 50% of steel is produced in facilities that use recycled materials or don’t emit CO2.

Application: Any project, but especially green projects. These factors make pipes that are part steel, like carbon steel pipe, a great choice for projects when it’s a priority to minimize environmental impacts. This environmental consciousness is becoming a greater and greater concern across all industries.

5. Cost-Effectiveness

Carbon steel pipes have high tensile strength, meaning they can withstand the same amount of pressure as other pipes while being thinner in construction. This gives carbon steel a greater carrying capacity and makes it more cost-effective.

Application: Low budget projects, any project. Carbon steel’s cost-effectiveness makes it a material of choice when budgets are tight, or for any cost-conscious builder or contractor.

Do you think any of the advantages above might come in handy for your next project? Then contact us today–we’ve been a carbon steel pipe supplier for over 20 years.

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