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Pipe from St. Louis Pipe & SupplyASTM A53 pipe is a specification that covers seamless, welded black and hot-dipped galvanized steel pipe from NPS 1/8″ to NPS 26. Engineers often use this type of pipe in pressure and mechanical applications, but you’ll also find it in more everyday uses, including steam, water, gas and air lines.

What is the ASTM in ASTM A53? It’s the American Society for Testing and Materials, which sets requirements for ASTM pipe alloys and ASTM pipe sizes.

ASTM A53 pipe comes in three different types (Type F, E and S) and two different grades (A and B). A53 Type F is longitudinally furnace butt welded or continuous welded and is available only in Grade A. A53 Type E is longitudinally electric resistance welded and comes in Grades A and B. A53 Type S  is seamless pipe in which the steel is produced by hot working or cold finishing, and like Type E, it’s available in both Grades A and B. Type S is almost obsolete, having been replaced by ASTM A106 for seamless carbon steel pipes.

At St. Louis Pipe & Supply, we offer a wide range of A53 products. Here are some details about our inventory:

  • We offer a variety of ASTM pipe sizes, including steel pipe diameters (internal) ranging from 1/8” to 60” for OCTG tubing and pipes.
  • Our pipes and tubing are available with a wall thickness of up to 3”.
  • We have a variety of A53 products, including seamless steel pipe, hot-dipped galvanized steel pipes and black welded pipe.
  • Our ASTM A53 pipe and tubing works well for oilfield industries, offshore or onshore, deep drilling, arctic drilling and production, sour wells, mechanical use pipes, gas pipelines, and as replacements for boiler systems and furnaces.
  • Our alternate grades are:
    • Type E: electric-resistance welded for Grade A and Grade B
    • Type F: for furnace butt-welds and continuous weld for Grade A; non-flanged
    • Type S: seamless steel pipe for Grade A or Grade B
  • We carry A53B low carbon steel and ferritic stainless steel pipe and tubing that conforms to standard linear polarization or polarization resistance (PR) techniques.
  • We offer EFW and ERW services, including Electric Ferritic Welded and Electric resistance pipe and tubing.
  • We have cut-to-length pipe, a great array of ASTM pipe sizes and custom lengths.
  • Our finishing options for A53A and A53B include plain end, beveled ends, cut-to-length pipe, custom lengths, threaded and threaded and coupled.

Do you need A53 or another pipe specification for your next project? Contact us for a quote.

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