Pipe Fitting Taxonomy 101

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valve and pipe fitting supplyWe’re familiar with pipes, those long, straight tubes that transport fluids. But what if you need that fluid to change direction,or to connect two pipes of different sizes? Or regulate the fluid flow, or add some new component to the flow? You need a lesser known pipe product. You need a pipe fitting.

Pipe fittings perform many duties, and, consequently, there are a many types pipes fittings. So here is a simple pipe fitting taxonomy from a leader in valve and fittings supply and international pipe sales.

For water to get anywhere– from a residential sink to the water treatment plant– it usually has to change directions at least a few times. That’s where elbows come in. They connect two straight lengths of pipe that intersect at an angle, allowing a fluid to change directions. Elbows commonly come in 45 and 90 degree angles, but they’re also available in 22.5 degree versions as well. 90 and 45 degree elbows are an integral part of our valve and fittings supply services.

The most common type of pipe fitting, tees are shaped like a T, with two outlets connecting to a main line at 90 degree angles. Tees are used combine or split fluid flows, combining the flow of two pipes into one pipe or splitting the flow of one pipe into two. Tees can also connect two pipes with uneven diameters. Like elbows, Tees are available in our valve and fittings supply inventory.

Another common type of fitting is the coupling, which is use to connect two pipes. When the pipes are of unequal diameter, the coupling is called a reducing coupling, reducer or adapter. If you have you need to connect to pipes of different sizes, you can find reducers on our valve and fittings supply page.

Those are just a few of the most common types of pipe fittings. A more extensive list can be found on our valve and fittings supply page, and if you need fittings or other piping materials, contact us. As a leader in international pipe sales, we can ship your order fast to anywhere in the world.

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