Steel Pipe Prices, Sheet Steel Prices and Product Details

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Sheet steelWhen you’re considering starting a construction project, the first item on your list tends to be materials. In this post, you’ll learn why steel makes a great choice for a number of projects, plus get a quick breakdown of how to estimate sheet steel prices and what to consider when thinking about the average steel pipe price.

The Benefits of Steel

First off, why should you choose steel? There are a number of reasons this material makes a very good choice. It’s versatile, dependable and offers a number of benefits as a building material.

  • Consistency: Steel is a consistently dependable material. It does not warp or shrink like other materials are likely to do. In addition, it is less likely to be affected by moisture content, and it tends to exhibit uniform strength.
  • Dependability: Steel bends and even stretches when necessary. It is much less likely to break or crack, plus, it is less likely to be affected by dry rot, termites, mold or other environmental factors, making it a durable choice over the long-term.
  • Safety: Steel is non-combustible, making it less likely to start on fire or feed a fire. It is also more resistant than other materials to natural disasters like floods, hurricanes and earthquakes–a great benefit when considering the risk of property loss. Additionally, it is not an attractant for termites, and doesn’t need pest treatments, meaning a healthier environment for your project, free of chemicals and gas treatments.

Steel Pipe Prices and Sheet steel Prices

Sheet steel prices will vary depending on the general requirements of your project. You’ll need to consider quantities needed, sheet size, gauge, grade-type and dimensions. If you want a special finish, that may also affect your pricing. And you should take into consideration that there may be differences between hot-rolled sheets, cold-rolled sheets and galvanized sheets. In general, a good range for 316 sheet steel prices is typically $200-800, but if you don’t need much material, or are creating a relatively large project, that range may vary. We can always provide a custom estimate based on your specifics.

When thinking about the average steel pipe price, you’ll also have several factors to consider. Specifications, applications of the material, and mechanical properties will all come into play. Price will also vary depending on whether you can use a standard pipe size, or need something customized. St. Louis Pipe & Supply has plenty of experience with a range of needs, and we’re happy to create a customized quote for you.

Ready to start building with steel? Contact us for a quote, and get started right away.

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