The Advantages and Cost of Steel Pipe

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Steel pipeSteel is a very popular piping material. Here are some reasons why.

Resistance to Internal and External Pressure

Steel’s high tensile strength, ductility and elasticity give it the ability to withstand severe pressures. This performance advantage is particularly notable in stresses resulting from uneven bedding, misalignment, fluctuations in temperature or abnormal cover. Plus, steel pipes are often able to hold up to severe bending or longitudinal stresses that may cause other materials to fail.

Resistance to Shock and Vibration

Modern traffic can impose jarring and damaging shocks and vibrations on the pipes beneath roadways. In these situations, steel pipes are preferable. Their strength and lack of brittleness means they can withstand the stresses of vibrations much better than some other materials.

Protection Against Corrosion 

Galvanized steel pipes have a zinc coating that allows them to endure corrosive environments. The zinc serves as a ‘sacrificial metal’. It rusts before the steel underneath it, even if the zinc layer is scratched. This allows the functional steel part of the pipe to maintain its integrity for longer.

Wide Range of Joints

A variety of joints are available for steel pipes, from very flexible to very rigid. These include:

  • Threaded and coupled
  • Welded joints
  • Klambon joints
  • Flange joints

This range of options gives you flexibility to accomplish the various needs of your projects.

Higher Carrying Capacity

Their ability to withstand pressure means that steel pipes can be thinner than pipes made of other materials. This gives them a greater carrying capacity.

The Cost of Steel Pipe

When deciding which material to use for your project, steel pipe can be the economical choice for various reasons. Its higher carrying capacity means that thinner steel pipes can accomplish the same job that only thicker pipes of other materials would be able to handle. This can not only bring down the cost of your materials, but also of labor, as the lighter steel pipes make installation easier.

Furthermore, the cost of steel pipes may be attractive over the longhaul due to their resistance to corrosion. Galvanized steel pipes can last longer than pipes of other materials, meaning there will be fewer costs arising from maintenance or replacement.

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