Protecting Your Industrial Steel Pipe: Galvanized & FBE

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Galvanized pipeIndustrial pipe, particularly industrial steel pipe, can be vulnerable to corrosion. Thankfully, there are certain ways to protect your pipe from this cruel fate. 

Here’s a look at two popular types of pipes that have been specifically manufactured to stand up to corrosion.

Galvanized Pipe

Often, you need a pipe that can hold up to the acidic, hot or salty conditions of certain environments. In those cases, galvanized pipe is a solid choice.

Galvanized pipe is usually industrial steel pipe that has been coated with a layer of zinc. This coating is most often applied by hot dipping: the metal is lowered into and immersed in a bath of hot zinc.

How do galvanized pipes offer increased protection against corrosion? The zinc coating will corrode first, and not until the zinc is completely corroded will the metal beneath it begin to corrode. This means that the pipe will remain functional for much longer.

Furthermore, galvanization is often less expensive than other types of corrosion protection, which make galvanized pipes more cost effective. 

FBE Pipes

FBE (or fusion bonded epoxy) coating is another popular way to make steel pipe more resistant to corrosion. At normal storage conditions, the FBE coating that is applied to the industrial steel pipe exists in a dry, powder form. However, once the pipe is placed in its typical application environment (usually between 180 to 250 celsius or 256 to 482 Fahrenheit), the powder melts and flows onto the steel surface. A chemical reaction then takes places, and the FBE soon become a solid coating that will remain permanently on the pipe. Because of the use of heat in this process, this type of coating procedure is called ‘thermoset’ coating.

FBE is commonly used to protect steel pipes that will be placed in pipelines. However, it also has a wide range of other applications, including concrete reinforcing bars and piping connections like valves.

At St. Louis Pipe and Supply, we offer both galvanized and FBE pipes, plus a wide array of  other industrial pipes. Furthermore, our pipes come in a large range of sizes (diameters between ⅛” and 60”), and we can also meet any of your coating, fabrication or threading needs.

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