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Domestic pipe suppliers as well as industry professionals who use their online resources wisely have the potential to be more informed on industry standards and advancements, more efficient with their engineering, and better connected with competitors and clients. Take a look at these five resources and add them to your bookmarks, if you already haven’t.

1. ASME (

ASME, founded as the American Society of Mechanical Engineers, is a chief database for standards in multidisciplinary engineering. There is a vast assortment of content in the form of news articles, courses, books, journals, proceedings, and newsletters offered through their website to keep your engineers informed and their draw-ups fresh.

2. National Association of Steel Pipe Distributors (

The NASPD is a national trade association representing the steel pipe and tubular products distribution industry and its related businesses. Becoming a member of the National Association of Steel Pipe Distributors is an exclusive networking tool for domestic pipe suppliers and buyers. It allows both suppliers and buyers to enjoy benefits like professional services, conferences and conventions, seminars and workshops, relevant industry publications, and a pipe listings website that enables members to easily acquire products ahead of other distributors.

3. The Piping Tool Box (

The Engineering Tool Box has tools from resources from everything from acoustics to water systems, including an arsenal for piping systems projects.

The Piping Tool Box is a vital tool for engineers. It offers codes and standards resources for pipes and valves, as well as dimensions of pipes, tubes and fittings. The Piping Tool Box is also an extensive database of formulas to calculate pressure, heat loss and insulation, expansion, relative capacity, flow, velocity and more. Ideal steel pipe pricing comes from minimization of waste and maximization of efficiency through excellent plans.

4. Steelworks (

Any company that works with steel needs to be aware of Steelworks. Steelworks is the website of the American Iron and Steel Institute—the voice of the North American Steel industry. The AISI is active in all media channels to advocate the usage of steel. Steelworks has information on everything steel: resources for steel pipe pricing, information on how and where it’s made, even public policy and sustainability. Nace (

When owning a business full of inventory that could be completely destroyed by rust, it is necessary for domestic pipe suppliers to follow an organization that is devoted to controlling corrosion. NACE, formerly known as the National Association of Corrosion Engineers, is a professional and international organization established in 1943. NACE “seeks to: …educate corrosion professionals in all relevant industries through training and certification, establish industry-wide communication through membership events and activities, promote research of new technology through trade standards and publications, and advocate on behalf of corrosion experts among public and private sectors.”

Pipe distributors who become members of NACE are capable of adapting quickly to new advancements in corrosion control and have operational steel pipe pricing.

St. Louis Pipe and Supply has a 25 year-old reputation for innovation, providing competitive prices on products that meet or exceed ASTM, ASME, ANSI and API standards. As one of the largest international and domestic pipe suppliers, we’d be more than able to help you complete your next project thoroughly, and on time.

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