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Line pipe exports to the US appear to be up significantly in April, particularly for pipe above 16 inches in diameter.

In preliminary data released by the US Census Bureau, total large-diameter line pipe import levels rose 152.5% from 33,163 tonnes in March to 83,726 t in April.

Alloy line pipe imports were responsible for much of that jump, rising from 4,568 t in March to 50,382 t in April, Steel Business Briefing notes.

Carbon line pipe imports increased from 28,579 t to 33,343 t, while stainless line pipe imports fell from 16 t to just 1 t.

Comparatively, total line pipe imports for sizes equal to or below 16 inches in diameter fell slightly from 38,722 t to 37,711 t. Imports of line pipe where the size was not specified rose from 50,541 t to 63,669 t.

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