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Types of Stainless Steel Flanges Explained

November 02, 2011 in Blog, Manufacturing, News & Articles, Pipes Valves and Fittings, Valves and Fittings by

High pressure steel flanges are essential to include in your next piping project. Stainless steel flanges are highly resistant to corrosion and contain enough strength for your industrial piping plan. For high temperature and pressure treatment, consider purchasing high pressure steel flanges that comply with ASTM, ASME, ANSI and/or API standards.

API vs. ASME/ANSI standards:

Flanges meeting API standards can withstand high pressures and temperatures. The main difference between flanges that meet API standards and those that meet ASME or ANSI standards is the material used that can handle a high-pressure environment. Typically they are more efficiently used in dealings with gas and oils. When working with water, air, and steam in an industrial setting, ASME/ANSI flanges are more common.

Types of stainless steel flanges:

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Help with Industrial Valve and Fitting Supplies

September 07, 2011 in Blog, Pipes Valves and Fittings, Valves and Fittings by

St. Louis Pipe and Supply is your source for all valve and fitting supply. We are able to accommodate your needs, whether your needs are for industrial valve and fittings or non-industrial applications.

Some of the valves we regularly supply are:

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3 Reasons for Carbon Steel Pipe Fittings

August 03, 2011 in Pipes Valves and Fittings, Valves and Fittings by

When purchasing steel pipe fittings, it’s important to take into consideration certain factors, most importantly size and shape, to ensure that it is a perfect match for your specific purpose. However, another important aspect to consider is the material used in the making of the pipe fitters. Certain elements added to the steel, such as carbon and chrome, can dramatically affect its strength and appearance. Here are a few great reasons to invest in carbon steel pipe fittings as well as chrome plating.

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