The Types Of Industrial Valves

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Industrial valveValves open or close to regulate the fluid flow in a pipe. They’re integral to our daily lives, found not only in industrial applications, but also in household devices like washing machines, dishwashers, sinks and more.

There are many different industrial valve types, each with its own advantages. Here are a few of the most popular:

Gate Valves

The most popular valve in the industry, gate valves work by opening and closing a gate that can obstruct the flow of a fluid. They’re often used to isolate pipe systems as a block valve, and they’re designed to be fully open or fully closed.

Gate valves can be operated with a air powered diaphragm, electric motor, piston actuator or a hand wheel. They’re often selected for applications when a straight-line flow and little restriction are desired. When open, gate valves don’t obstruct the flow path at all, causing little friction loss. 

Globe Valves

While gate valves are designed to be completely open or completely closed, globe valves regulate fluid flow in increments. The amount of fluid let through is determined by the position of the valve’s movable disk in relation to its ring seat.

The ports of globe valves may run straight across or at an angle. This latter type of valve is often used in applications with thick, corrosive or viscous fluids. The angle of the valve allows the fluid to drain, preventing corrosion or buildup.

Needle Valves

The needle valve is a type of globe valve that is used to control fluid flow very precisely. Its slender, tapered plug is more precise than other globe valves’ larger discs.

Safety Valves

The safety or relief valve is used to limit the pressure that accumulates in a system. Usually angled, it prevents excessive amounts of pressure that could cause damage.

Butterfly Valves

The butterfly valve is a simple industrial valve operated by rotating a handle 90 degrees. Its ability to regulate fluid flow is not very precise.

Check Valves

Check valves prevent back flow by only allowing fluid to flow in one direction. There are various types of check valves.  Piston check valves and ball check valves require some flow pressure to work. Swing check valves use a hinged flap that opens only in one direction.

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