Why You Should Buy I-Beam Steel and 304 Stainless Steel Bars

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About I-Beam SteelI-beam steel

I-beams are beams with an I- or H-shaped cross section; the vertical structure is referred to as the web, while the horizontal structures of the beam are referred to as the flanges. While the web resists forces, the flanges resist the bending movement brought upon the beam.

There are two I-beam structures that are typically seen:

  • A rolled I-beam, which, depending on the material, is formed by cold rolling, hot rolling or extrusion
  • A plate girder, which is formed by welding, riveting or bolting plates

Most commonly, I-beams are made of structural steel. Sometimes, though, they may be formed from aluminum or a variance of other materials. A common type of I-beam is the rolled steel joist (RSJ), though I-beams that are made from wood with fiberboard or laminated veneer lumber are starting to become widely used in construction, as well. The I-beams engineered with wood are both lighter and less prone to warping, though there is concern about how well they can stand up to fire if unprotected.

Those in the construction industry commonly buy I-beam steel for use as both beams and as columns. These beams are available in a variety of standard sizes and may be used alone or in conjunction with another material or structure – most commonly with concrete.

About 304 Stainless Steel Bar Stock

Strong and durable, 304 stainless steel is the most widely used of the austenitic steels. It offers high resistance to corrosion and to many chemicals and industrial atmospheres and has a superior resistance to moisture and acidic conditions. 304 stainless steel can be fabricated through welding, drilling, machinery and cutting with proper equipment. Though generally considered to be non-magnetic, it can become slightly magnetic when it is cold-worked. 304 stainless steel cannot be hardened by heat treatment, as the carbon content has been lowered so that the steel becomes resistant to corrosion from heat affect zones from welding. 304 stainless steel bars can be cut to length to fit specific needs.

304 stainless steel bar stock is most commonly used for:

  • Framing
  • Brackets
  • Ornamental work
  • Shafts
  • Aircrafts
  • Railings
  • Paneling
  • Trim
  • Chemical containers
  • Kitchen benches
  • Sink equipment and appliances
  • Food processing equipment
  • Springs

All materials supplied by St. Louis Pipe and Supply will meet or exceed ASTM, ASME, ANSI and/or API standards, per your required specifications including full documentation. The items are available in domestic or import from stock, but if a particular item is not in stock at the moment of you request, we guarantee same day shipping or shortest lead time available.

If you have any questions about I-beam steel or 304 stainless steel bar stock, please feel free to contact us.  Or for I-beam steel or 304 stainless steel stock pricing, allow us to give you a quote.

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