Carbon Seamless Steel Pipe Supply

Industrial Carbon Steel Pipe and Tube Specifications

Get all of the carbon seamless steel pipe and tubing products that your company needs from St. Louis Pipe and Supply. We ship products throughout the United States, and to international clients. We specialize in seamless carbon steel pipes and tubing, black pipes and hot-dipped galvanized pipes (all conform to ASTM standards) for a variety of uses and heavy industries and mechanical systems.

St. Louis Pipe and Supply also has a wide stock of fittings, flanges and valves for pipes and tubing, as well. Pipe products are in industry-standard lengths and diameters, specialty or custom length and diameter pipes are available through fabrication.

Order Carbon Seamless Steel Pipe Supplies

B2B Carbon Steel Pipe Supplier

Get the inventory of carbon seamless steel pipes and accessories that your company needs – bulk orders and inventory lots welcome. St. Louis Pipe and Supply conforms to all major industry standards including ASTM, ANSE, API and ASME. Review our pipe specifications and tubing size and gauge specifications for the length and style that you company requires for heavy use ranging from boilers and furnace systems to construction needs to oil well tubular requirements. Our heavy industrial-use pipes and tubing meet the requirements of outdoor weathering, and extremes in cold or heat temperatures, and high-pressure environments. These exceedingly durable products designed for heavy industrial and petroleum companies, will fill your B2B tubing and pipe needs.

Wide Range of Pipes to Fit Your Industry

St. Louis Pipe and Supply stocks a wide range of heavy pipes and tubing, black pipes, carbon steel pipes and galvanized pipes to meet the needs of almost any industrial, petroleum or heavy construction needs. Short lists of the styles or pipes available include:

  • Round, square and rectangular pipes ranging from 19 gauge to 7 gauge;
  • Round pipes ranging from 5/8” O.D. to 5” O.D.
  • Square tubing ranging 19 gauge to 9 gauge with ½” x 1” to 1 ¼” x 2 ½” sizes
  • Rectangular tubing ranging from 10 gauge to 9 gauge with ½” x ½” to 2” x 2” sizes
  • We offer pipes and tubing in a variety of styles, welds and specifications for alloys and high temperature, atmospheric and water environments, high pressures and other standard requirements.
  • If you need pipes conforming to any of major ASTM standards and classifications, contact us with your requirements and specifications –

Contact St. Louis Pipe and Supply for all of your tubing and pipe requirements for seamless carbon steel pipe, welded pipe, alloys, stainless steel pipes, black pipe, galvanized pipes, ferritic welded pipes, beveled pipes and for accessories including flanges, fittings, standard and high-pressure valves. We are the B2B pipe supplier that can meet your heavy industrial specifications.

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