Heavy Wall Linepipe for Gas and Oil Pipelines

Petroleum and Natural Gas Industry Pipe and Tubing Supplier

Heavy wall linepipe for natural gas and oil pipelines, drilling pipe and submerged pipeline equipment for onshore and offshore drilling and production are available direct from St. Louis Pipe and Supply. Pipe and tubing products conform to or exceed ASTM, API, ASME and ANSI standards for heavy-duty drilling and production. Whether you need pipe and tubing for offshore drilling, or for gas or oil lines, or for use in submerged or even cold temperature (arctic environments), St. Louis Pipe and Supply can meet all of your requirements for seamless carbon pipes. Learn about other “Oil Country Tubular Goods” available from our company.

For Heavy Wall Linepipe (PSL-2, X42, X52, X60 and X65) for Offshore Drilling, Production and Transport

Standard Pipes and Custom Fabrication

Get the exact specification of heavy wall linepipe that you need for drilling, production operations and transport of natural gas and oil. All of our carbon seamless pipes, alloys and other pipe and tubing products meet or exceed industry standards. St. Louis Pipe and Supply also provides custom fabrication and seamless welding for a variety of well uses from deep sour wells to submerged welded seamless pipes, to high-pressure pipes for extreme environments (arctic colds, desert heat, high-pressure deep sour wells or submerged lines).

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Some of heavy wall linepipe available for national or international shipping include:

  • PSL-2 Pipe Grade – steel drill pipe specified for use in drilling and petroleum production and natural gas production, offshore service, sour well service, carbon seamless pipe; drill-pipes with weld-on tool joints and upset pipe-body ends used for drilling, and then used in production operations; there are three product specification levels (PSL-1, PSL-2 and PSL-3)
  • X42 Pipe – seam welded in submerged arc welding (SAW) for API 5L X42 pipe does not have to be cold worked or extensively machined for a flat shape; pipe for oil wells
  • X52 Pipe – typical chemical composition is 0.05C-1.6Mn-0.45Ni-0.25Mo-0.01Ti for API X65 grade steel; the main characteristic of the controlled rolling process is a very low reheating temperature and rolling in the austenite ferrite of the pipe; the pipe microstructure comprises a mixture elongated martensite and deformed and non-deformed ferrite providing a dual-phase structure; this is a micro-alloy pipe for petroleum pipelines
  • X60 Pipe – Low-carbon, molybdenum alloy bearing linepipe steels (Mn-Mo-Cb acicular ferrite steels) achieve higher strength up to above standard API X60; the addition of molybdenum allows for higher curve strength and stress resistance than standard ferrite-pearlite steels, this combination is the best alloy for this pipe range up to X70 pipe; controlled rolling on plate, seamless carbon pipes for lines and drilling
  • X65 Pipe – onshore pipe with strength up to 80,000 psi, frequently used in arctic or cold temperature drilling and pipelines
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Additional Supplies and Accessories for Drilling and Production

Additionally, St. Louis Pipe and Supply offers a wide range of essential supplies for drilling, production and for transport pipelines. Some of the supplies include valves, fittings, flanges, bolts, bolt protectors, gaskets, nuts and specialty items for drilling or operations.