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Carbon Pipes: Advantages and Applications

November 26, 2014 in Pipe by

Carbon pipeCarbon steel pipe is one of the most popular piping materials in the world. And for good reason: it has many advantageous characteristics.

Let’s take a look at some of those characteristics and the applications that they make carbon pipe particularly well suited for.

Shock Resistance

Carbon pipes have a tremendous ability to withstand shocks and vibrations. While other materials may succumb in such environments, carbon pipes are able to maintain their integrity and performance in even the most jarring conditions.

This makes carbon pipes and welded carbon pipes particularly useful in the transportation industry. Pipes laid under roadways can experience extreme shocks and vibrations from the heavy traffic above. Carbon pipe, with its ability to withstand shock, is a great choice for such situations.

Tensile Strength

Carbon steel can endure very high pressures. This gives carbon pipes an excellent carrying capacity, meaning that, pound for pound, they can carry more than most pipes comprised of other materials.

Its high tensile strength not only makes carbon pipes a great solution for high-pressure applications, but also for projects where your budget may be tighter than usual. Their high carrying capacity means that thinner carbon pipes can be used to get the same job done that only thicker pipes of other materials could handle. This, in turn, means your material costs can be lower.

Safe and Easy to Work With

Many piping materials must be treated with preservatives, glues or pesticides, which means they must be handled with caution. However, carbon pipes and welded carbon pipes don’t need these treatments.

Not only does this make them safer to work with, it makes them better suited for use in home projects–you certainly don’t want to introduce dangerous chemicals into your house. Furthermore, carbon pipe can also withstand disasters like tornados and hurricanes better than some other pipes, which also makes them a good choice for home projects.

 As you can see, carbon pipe has a number of advantages that make it well-suited for a variety of projects. Contact us today so we can discuss how it might work well for your next project.

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