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Inconel Nickel Alloy Tubing

April 30, 2014 in Products by

Nickel tubingThe Basics

First developed by researchers at Wiggin Alloys in England in the 1940’s, Inconel is a family of nickel-chromium alloys. Because of their high performance properties, these alloys are often used in extreme environments. Sometimes called “Inco”, inconel also has a variety of trade names, including Inconel 625, Chronin 625, Altemp 625, Haynes 625, Nickelvac 625 and Nicrofer 6020.


The composition of different Inconels can vary greatly, but they all are predominantly composed of nickel and chromium. For example, alloy 625 is 58% Nickel and 20-23% chromium.


Inconels are resistant to both oxidation and corrosion.

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Uses for Copper & Nickel Alloy Pipe

March 21, 2012 in Blog, Pipe, Structural by

The Basics

Copper and Nickel Alloy Pipe

Nickel is an element found in most metal alloys, sometimes in very small amounts. In stainless steel, there is a small percentage of nickel that is added to improve resistance to both corrosion and oxidation. Along with resistance, it adds more strength and durability when combined with chromium metal at both high and lowtemperatures.

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The Basics of Nickel Metal Alloy Tubing

August 24, 2011 in Pipe by

Nickel is an element that is commonly found in metal alloys. For example, nearly all stainless steel contains some percentage of nickel. Nickel improves resistance to oxidation and corrosion. When added to high chromium stainless steel, nickel has a tendency to form austenite and is responsible for a great toughness and high strength at both high and low temperatures. It increases toughness at low temperatures when added in smaller amounts to alloy steels.

Here are brief overviews of two of our more requested nickel alloy tubes.

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