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Pipe Flange Basics

November 12, 2014 in Blog, Valves and Fittings by

FlangesPipe flanges are an important parts of piping systems. Some flanges are bolted together to form connections between pipes, while others–blind flanges–are used to cover or close the end of pipes.

One main advantage of using pipe flanges is that they make it easy to inspect, modify or clean pipes. Furthermore, using flanges means that you don’t have weld pipe spools, and they also make blasting, painting and NDO simpler and more convenient.

Pipe flanges, however, do have a few disadvantages. Their primary drawback is that they may be slightly more prone to leaking than other methods of connecting pipes. They also usually take up more space than their alternatives.

Types of Flanges

There are many types of flanges. Some of the most popular are:

  • Socketweld flange
  • Weld neck flange
  • Threaded flange
  • Slip on flange
  • Blind flange
  • Lap joint flange

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