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Why You Should Buy I-Beam Steel and 304 Stainless Steel Bars

October 05, 2011 in Blog, Manufacturing, Structural by

About I-Beam SteelI-beam steel

I-beams are beams with an I- or H-shaped cross section; the vertical structure is referred to as the web, while the horizontal structures of the beam are referred to as the flanges. While the web resists forces, the flanges resist the bending movement brought upon the beam.

There are two I-beam structures that are typically seen:

  • A rolled I-beam, which, depending on the material, is formed by cold rolling, hot rolling or extrusion
  • A plate girder, which is formed by welding, riveting or bolting plates

Most commonly, I-beams are made of structural steel. Sometimes, though, they may be formed from aluminum or a variance of other materials.

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