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Steel Specs and Characteristics: 304 Stainless Steel, 316 Stainless Steel

November 06, 2013 in Blog, Pipe by

Stainless steelSteel. It’s resistant to corrosion and staining. It’s low-maintenance and attractive. It’s even recyclable. Simply put, steel is an incredibly useful material.

As such, it’s used in a variety of applications, from household items to industrial equipment, and even in the automotive, aerospace and architectural industries. There are over 150 grades of the material, offering the perfect steel for nearly any project, but two types tend to set the standard. Take a look at them below, as we examine their properties, differences and most popular uses.

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The History of Industrial Pipe and Steel

September 25, 2013 in Pipe by

Industrial Steel PipeIndustrial pipe and steel is so ingrained in today’s world, that it’s hard to imagine we ever lived without it. It’s found underground, transporting water and gas to our homes, used for refrigeration and heat transfer, and integral to the oil and gas industries. Its strength and durability has made it an important part of our daily lives, but its evolution has been a long way coming.

The use of piping traces back thousands of years, and clearly it didn’t begin as the industrial pipe and steel we know today. It began fairly crudely, with reed pipes used by ancient cultures to divert water from rivers and streams into fields, helping grow crops. Eventually, the Romans would take this system and improve on it with their infamous aqueduct system, which used lead and ceramic piping to carry drinking water into the Rome, and provide fresh water to public baths, fountains and private households. It also carried waste out of the city, using a complex sewage system to help keep Rome clean. To this day, the aqueducts remain a modern marvel of engineering, and a select few are still in partial use. But they certainly weren’t without fault, and more improvements to piping systems would carry it to the state we know in modern times. 

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Steel Pipe Pricing And Advantages

July 17, 2013 in Pipe, Structural by

Steel pipeSteel piping is a popular material in so many industries–from oil to automobiles, from shipping to food, from schools to hospitals and refineries.

Let’s look at some of the top reasons why engineers, builders, pipe suppliers and oil drillers love steel pipes and why they’re preferred in so many different applications.

Heat Treatable

Some steel pipe alloys, such as alloy 140, are heat treatable, meaning that extreme temperatures can be used to modify their chemical and physical properties.


Steel pipes have great tensile and stress-to-rupture strength, and they can maintain this strength even at high temperatures.

Temperature Resistant

Stainless steel pipes provide excellent resistance to oxidation at extremely high temperatures. And when chromium is added to the steel, it makes the steel even more temperature resistant.  

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International Pipe Supply With One Vendor, One Solution

June 18, 2013 in Blog, Industry Trends, News & Articles, Pipe by

Here at St. Louis Pipe & Supply, we strive to live up to the term ‘one vendor, one solution.’

That means that whether our clients are looking for steel pipe and fittings or sheet metal, whether they need their products shipped to Indiana or India, we can take care of everything they need.

Our experience–over 20 years in the business–has certainly helped us become a ‘go-to’ for so many builders and companies. But there are three other assets that help us meet our ‘one vendor, one solution’ goal.

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Active Rig Count for Week Ending May 20th

June 01, 2011 in Blog, News & Articles by

According to petroleum industry consulting firm Baker Hughes, the US net rotary rig count remains at 1,830, while Canada’s count increased by 16 to 143 rigs. Canada’s rig count is 30 rigs below the equivalent weekly count in 2010.

For the week ended May 20, the US net rotary rig count remained unchanged because of a loss of eight rigs for gas production and gain of seven rigs for oil production and one classified as miscellaneous.

Steel Business Briefing recorded noteworthy net shifts by state which include a loss of eight rigs in Oklahoma and a gain of four rigs in California.

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The Steel Trade in the Port of Houston is up 112%

May 19, 2011 in Blog, News & Articles by

The Port of Houston’s steel activity continues to outpace previous 2010 levels. In March, steel shipments were up 112% year-on-year, Steel Business Briefing learns.

Port of Houston CEO Alec Dreyer called March the best month at the port since he joined in September 2009. “Steel had an excellent month in March,” Dreyer said in his monthly report.

March steel handling at the port, imports and exports, totaled 363,000 short tons of steel, an increase of 192,000 short tons as compared to same month last year and an increase of 230,000 short tons from February 2011.

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