A694 F65 Flanges for Nigeria

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2″ 900# Long Weldnecks and Blind RTJ in A694 F65 for a project in Nigeria





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Det-Tronics Items Used for Flame and Gas Detection in Refineries and Power Plants

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Products Include SIL 2 Capable flame and gas safety products that range from conventional panels to fault-tolerant, addressable systems that are globally certified.

The Items shown here (fusible plugs, Open Path Transmitters/Receivers, and Gas Calibration Kits) are spares for a previously installed system for a revamp project for Shell/NNPC in Nigeria.

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Inconel Nickel Alloy Tubing

April 30, 2014 in Products by

Nickel tubingThe Basics

First developed by researchers at Wiggin Alloys in England in the 1940’s, Inconel is a family of nickel-chromium alloys. Because of their high performance properties, these alloys are often used in extreme environments. Sometimes called “Inco”, inconel also has a variety of trade names, including Inconel 625, Chronin 625, Altemp 625, Haynes 625, Nickelvac 625 and Nicrofer 6020.


The composition of different Inconels can vary greatly, but they all are predominantly composed of nickel and chromium. For example, alloy 625 is 58% Nickel and 20-23% chromium.


Inconels are resistant to both oxidation and corrosion.

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5 Benefits of Nickel Alloy Pipes

January 01, 2014 in Pipe, Products by

Nickel Alloy PipeNickel 101

Nickel is a ductile, hard, silvery white material. You rarely find it alone, but you will find as an alloy in a wide variety of different materials. It’s used in the coins we pay with, the tools we build with and many other stainless steel items, including household objects like magnets, batteries and ceramics. It can even be added to things like guitar strings and glass. And, of course, you’ll find it a number of different nickel alloy pipes, which is our favorite application!

The Benefits of Nickel Alloys

Okay, so nickel alloy is fairly ubiquitous material. But why? Well, it has a number of different characteristics that make it useful in a variety of environments. Some of them include:

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Our ASTM A53 Pipe Inventory

December 18, 2013 in Pipe, Products by

Pipe from St. Louis Pipe & SupplyASTM A53 pipe is a specification that covers seamless, welded black and hot-dipped galvanized steel pipe from NPS 1/8″ to NPS 26. Engineers often use this type of pipe in pressure and mechanical applications, but you’ll also find it in more everyday uses, including steam, water, gas and air lines.

What is the ASTM in ASTM A53? It’s the American Society for Testing and Materials, which sets requirements for ASTM pipe alloys and ASTM pipe sizes.

ASTM A53 pipe comes in three different types (Type F, E and S) and two different grades (A and B). A53 Type F is longitudinally furnace butt welded or continuous welded and is available only in Grade A. A53 Type E is longitudinally electric resistance welded and comes in Grades A and B. A53 Type S  is seamless pipe in which the steel is produced by hot working or cold finishing, and like Type E, it’s available in both Grades A and B. Type S is almost obsolete, having been replaced by ASTM A106 for seamless carbon steel pipes.

At St. Louis Pipe & Supply, we offer a wide range of A53 products. Here are some details about our inventory:

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