Heat Exchangers 70/30

Here are a few pictures of material provided by St. Louis Pipe for aCopper Nickel 70/30 Heat Exchangers. We provided the tubing, flanges and fittings.

70/30 Heat Exchangers

Here are a few pictures of a job that was just completed. All of the tubing, flanges and fittings in Copper Nickel 70/30 were provided by St. Louis Pipe.


SS Job

Here is a few pictures of SS pipe job we just completed for a customer!

489.25 ft of 1″ Sch160 SMLS Pipe 316/L

22.916 ft of .750″ Sch160 SMLS Pipe 316/L

220 ft of 1″ Sch40 WLD Pipe 316/L

Shipping from our warehouse in Texas!


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